There is something distinctive going on we aren't told about.

The fall out of not only the depleted Uranium shells but most certainly the fallout of the political Tsunami will sweep many of the current crop of paid liars away... I sure hope so.

Col Douglas Macgregor Straight Calls - Ukraine news today and in-depth discussion of current geopolitical events in the United States of America Calls out soros Zuckerberg and the USFailures.


The war in Ukraine was planned a long time ago... I wrote about this over one year ago


And for me it is clear... clearer by the day that the people in power are criminals...

They literally walk over the dead to gain power.

They lie when they open their mouth.

They are in a death cult... the cult of molech... just like Bohemian Grove where all the decisions are made.

They think they get away with this shit...

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Macron going to China on an “economic” mission to beg to Xi for not supplying weapons to Russia with a delegation following of 55 CEO’s, main point talking weapons of course. Macron meeting Elon Musk, a total new factory plant in northern France producing solar panels giving job to 1700 people with encircling new economic activity. Macron giving French kisses to Zelensky giving him full support with all the new investments mentioned here above....but wait Marine Le Pen, national leader asking for a loan to 100 French Banks, all denied so she asked a Russian Bank and got the loan! Result she’s the culprit, a Ukraïne hater and the cause of bringing instability to the nation. Can someone follow? Next problem the invasion of economic fugitives, like the border in the US South the law needs to change and what I know of Denmark for instance, all economic migrants will be send home, only the political are allowed till the situation at their home is settled. Concerning minister of immigration says the Danish are becoming a minority group in their own country...in the US this is the greatest unsolvable issue, who is the real American, he native Indian? Did they also not emmigrate from Siberia?

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That’s some vegetation you got going in n there. Jenny must have a very green thumb. Here in northern WI, we don’t even have corn in the ground yet! :).

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Totally by chance, the UK is halfway through a 4-5 week period of no rain whatsoever.

I'm sure it's a coincidence.

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