The binary of Russia vs. Nato in my opinion is fake. It was fake during the Cold War and fake today.

Both power complexes buy into 4th and 5th generation technology. Both complexes were making haste to conform with the WEF. Russia despite being exiled is still quite interested in cooperating. Both power complexes are all in on mass vaccination and QR codes. Russia has a history with the Democrats who saw Hillary make bank by selling 20% of our Uranium to Russia. President Biden is hopelessly compromised by his own actions and his son with China and Ukraine. This dirty little war is speeding globalism with an AI face. Digital currency is next. Are nations sovereign or are the plutocrats buying politicians more so? If the fast road to the Great Reset is war over 404 then Russia gets those resources and the world approves. Russia was quite aware of US biological labs. Russia was until undertaking it's special police action a staunch partner of the USA in some significant areas. I see this more as a way to give China even more power by forcing Russia into her arms. On the other hand, based on Russian defectors it seems possible the baton was passed to China by the Russians prior to Yeltsin. Anatoliy Golitsyn – The Perestroika Deception

The Perestroika Deception is a sequel to Anatoliy Golitsyn’s famous work New Lies for Old, published in 1984, which accurately predicted the preplanned removal of the Berlin Wall, ‘collapsible Communism’ and all the deceptive Leninist strategic events of 1989-91.

Both Golitsyn books expose the Soviet Bolshevik strategy to procure the establishment of World (Communist) Governance. Western participants in this long-range plan collaborated with the Soviets to procure the ‘fall’of the Soviet Union, but failed to understand that they were being double-crossed by the Soviets – who have covertly persisted with their dimension of the World Revolution as though nothing really changed: which it didn’t. There was no true strategic discontinuity in 1989-91 – merely a Leninist (deceptive) discontiniuty to hoodwink the West. https://conspiracyresearch.org/forums/anatoliy-golitsyn-the-perestroika-deception

One of his predictions was Russia and China as "One clenched fist" waging war against the USA.

Lest we forget Klaus Schwab admires Lenin and has a bust of him in his office.

Finally Anthony Sutton wrote a book in 1973 discussing the collaboration.

You may read this book and think the author "dreamed a dream that could not be." For Antony Sutton, research fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, proves that there is no such thing as Soviet technology, only American and allied technology on Soviet soil. Technology that maimed and killed American boys in Korea and Vietnam.

Bridge building to Communist Russia is nothing new. It started early in 1918. With mountains of documentation Mr. Sutton shows that 90 to 95 percent of Soviet technology since 1918 has come from America and its allies . . . that we've built for, or sold, or traded, or given outright to the Communists everything from copper wiring and motor vehicles to combat tanks, missile equipment and computers . . . that we are today giving equipment to build the world 's largest heavy­ truck plant (output: 100,000 ten-ton trucks per year - more than all U.S. manufacturers produce in a year) . . . that "peaceful trade" is a myth . . . that to the Soviets all goods are strategic. All this, to create and maintain an enemy that we annually spend $80 billion to defend against.

National Suicide, researched for over ten years, mentions scores of products passed on to the Soviets (down to the design specifications, in some cases). It fearlessly names the guilty manufacturers and politicians - right up to Presidents of the United States.

The government won't like this book. It blows the lid off information that has been kept from the public till now. But Americans weary of no-win wars and taxpayers repelled at subsidizing our enemy will hail this scholarly, gutsy volume.

National Suicide: Military Aid to the Soviet Union Paperback – January 1, 1973

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Lots of good information, but I think we are headed in a general direction of less complexity as cheap energy access sharply declines.

I think that makes complex global arrangements fragile and break.

I do think power elites have always done business with each other across ideological divides.

I do think any globalist can be a Trotskyist without even being a communist.

The USSR did copy a LOT of American tech after WW-2, and there are a lot of things they are not very good at yet, but they are also better at some important things than anybody else, and they keep costs down.

I think all of that made them better able to deal with collapse of their system than the US will be. Some further contributors to that are that Russians were supporting much of the rest of the USSR and colonies like Cuba, until the collapse, but the rest of the world is supporting the US by taking all those petrobucks we conjure. Russians were used to scrimping and trading with each other...

"It's a hard rain's a gonna fall..."

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We allowed the PTB to undo our manufacturing. Now we are sedentary, tech-addicted customer-service monkeys trained to eat garbage and toxins and follow orders. We're generally screwed, except for small pockets of clued-in skeptics who question to varying degrees. It will take some SERIOUS SHIT for the rest of Murkans to figure it out, and then they'll probably panic, again. It's up to the little pockets to show them the way, so let's get on it.

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While I do think it would be a great idea to localize and stop all the global nonsense, which benefits only the very top of the predatory capitalist pyramid, I am baffled by how so many people, who are very well aware that almost everything we hear from the "authorities," for decades, if not centuries, if not thousands of years, are so many LIES, that we should believe ANYTHING they say. Fear mongering and the solutions of less freedom and medical evil are the modus operandi. I think we should stop the knee-jerk panic every time our foul, utterly malignant corporate media tells us yet another bullshit story and then tries to manipulate us into doing some new Stupid Thing.

Yes, localize, bring it all down to our own communities. And that's IT. De-centralization is the ticket, but it must be in combination with IGNORING the red-flag-waving media with the mouthpieces of governmental/bankster/MIC (that's Military AND Medical Industrial Complexes)/corporate LIES.

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I agree w you abt decentralize etc, but as one who has relatives who are very, very smart and very successful, I note they buy into the Narrative, partly because at one time, educated upper class people thought Harvard/Yale/et al, the NYT, WaPo, etc = The Cathedral as it's been called - had all the correct answers. If you didn't subscribe to the Narrative, you were the uncouth dummy. These people now are like the Davos crowd, clueless as to why so many reject their prescriptions. One got very defensive with me, when I dared hint I didn't accept all the COVID dogma for myself alone - I wasn't saying she had to agree. But even that was a threat.

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Oh, yes, I totally get that and you're right on. I see the same thing. It's a herd thing, I would say. Since I'm a Lone Wolf about a lot of things (last person in the entire world that doesn't use a cell phone, ha ha), I'm used to being on the fringe, although Covid has been pretty severe, even now. There's a difference between Lone Wolf and Pariah. But there's no freakin' way I'll EVER cross over. I'd literally rather die. But yeah, people are incredibly terrified... THAT was deliberate. Divide and Conquer... the best tool for tyrants and psychopaths EVER... Unfortunately. It takes a lot of factors coming together to "de-program" a cult member. And this is a BIG cult.

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Being aware of the narrative being promulgated opens the door to understanding the wishes of those who push it.

Where is that narrative trying to lead people?

What would we give up to the masters if we go there?

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If we listen to these wannabe "masters," they are arrogant enough to tell us. Listen to Bill Gates on his TED talks... vaccines for the entire world-- which, in his case, seem to end up with a lot of dead and sterilized people, particularly brown and black people. Then there's Klown Schwab, who tells us we'll "own nothing and be happy." He wants to make hybrid humans and OWN them, since they're hybridization is a patented thing... Clearly, there is a huge loss of freedom in store, and control of everything we do, if these "masters" get their way. All we have to do is pay attention to what they actually say, and write, and tell each other... Take over the Constitution whenever there's a "pandemic"? Hmmmmmm.

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The "owners" make their pitches, like "You'll own nothing and be happy".

Who feels like that "speaks to them"?

A certain "submissive" subset of people might feel exhilarated by this prospect.

Klaus Schwab might be a high-functioning "submissive". I speculate, but it seems quite feasible from what I have seen. The "owners" need reliable managers at all levels, in order to continue their control over the rest of humanity through times of want and tumult.

I think we need to work this vast problem without their yoke. I think they count on our life force being harnessed to sustain them, even as millions or billions of us die in their yoke of servitude.

First we have to feed and water ourselves for quite awhile, because they own the life-support services, and will not relinquish them easily.

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Absolutement, oui.

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Would this not depend on the number alive in 2030? Also politics suppresses inventions from coming to market but does not prevent Oligarchs from having them tested. For instance, it seems feasible based on science work that Cold Fusion may be able to be better understood. https://hackaday.com/2020/09/28/nasa-claims-cold-fusion-without-naming-it/

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NASA is hot to mine the moon for Helium-3 for fusion. They really believe that it will pay off. China supposedly believes the same thing. Do they know something?

I'm curious about how many of us may still be drawing breath in 2030, but I'm in no hurry to find out...

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Actually, re contraction, the peak oil community 15 years ago or so was offering lots of advice and scenarios. I liked many of the future projections of John Michael Greer of Ecosophia blog. They made sense to me. Also read Dmitry Orlov's book on Reinventing Collapse (was that the title?) I note he has chosen to repatriate in the Russian Federation, but the takeaway from his writing for me was that Russians were much more skilled at dealing w collapse than Americans, who seem to have become a party people, instead of growing up and acting like adults. Maybe now we'll have to.

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May 29, 2022·edited May 29, 2022Author

I still like a lot of the peak-oil authors, and i still think they are correct about the decline of oil. I personally think global industrial economy peaked in mid 2018 and has been in decline since then, based on lot of markers, including oil and CO2 production. I think that's why the drama since mid-2019. But that's just my opinion.

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There are those who insist that the science Tesla was trying to bring to the masses was correct, that there are those who know about how to move forward, but have been forced into the shadows lest they be murdered... I don't know, but I sure can easily imagine this to be the case!

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Bout time, I'd say.

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May 30, 2022Liked by John Day MD

This is all good but remember, you *see* what you look at. Adapt, create, endure. That is how our obviously robust DNA got this far. Defocus….increase the scope via gaze.

Much potential in the chaos. If you can perceive it. :-)

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Yep,we "see what we wanna see".

I'm hesitant to put too much faith in our "robust DNA".

Growing up as a hunter-gatherer is the important training to match those genes.

We are so untrained to survive...

Fitness is not selected for in modern industrial civilizations.

Anyone can survive/reproduce in our current world.

Species evolution may often be directed by massive die-backs every once-in-a-while that select for survival traits in a suddenly much less supportive environment. "Genetic bottlenecks".

Humans keep having these, though exact dates and causes are difficult to pin down.


Seeking paths/potential-paths through the minefield is good advice.

Walking the mined swamp is a whole-human challenge, though.

"Man is Wolf to Man", https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Man_Is_Wolf_to_Man

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May 30, 2022Liked by John Day MD

Poignant reply. Thank you. Might be time to reconsider who is included in our *we*. There may be a time when ‘anyone can survive/reproduce’ is no longer valid. I have stayed true to my personal analysis of the mRNA vaccines and declined. There has been a social price(as you well know John!) but belief in the robustness of my natural immunity (with help from you by the way!) may have inadvertently separated me from the herd. I’m ok with that.

8 weeks ago I had a big bike crash going fast with the kids. Concussion, broken rib and massive soft tissue damage on my left back. 3 weeks of couch time so I jumped back into my library and read like a fiend. Shock Doctrine, The Other Side Of Eden, San Fransicko, The Cosmic Serpent, Anasazi America to name few. Every time you post it pretty much confirms my ideas and perceptions. I think I am ready to move on, not necessarily from my physical place( maybe?…if not for a country crawling with machine people) but what I look at. Eyes wide open for what is probably going to be a hell of a ride!

Peace brother

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I've done that bike crash: Drop a lung. Break 2 ribs. Separate shoulder. Hammer a lot of meat. Road rash all over. Shredded helmet. Don't recall landing, just hitting sand in the turn and picking my line to go airborne. My son said I was going to stick it after that 12 ft. drop, but I bent my fork and pancaked my wheel and took the stem in my sternum.

I have good luck. I had a premonitory dream twice, about how I was going to fall from way up high, and what parts of my body I would sacrifice to live. I didn't know the meaning of the dream until after the crash. Guardian Angel. Left forward shoulder roll.

That took all the fun out of going really fast downhill.

Chest tubes are a pain. Concussions can go from mild to "infinity and beyond".

You read about the Anasazi. You get my point. They are gone, and I'm nowhere near as tough as they were. They had a perfectly worked-out living system and protection from raiders, but not from bad weather without end...

I learned about this book in February (or so) 1974. I think it is tracking really well. I think Industrial economy peaked mid 2018, pretty much like the "Business As Usual' graph predicted. https://www.amazon.com/Limits-Growth-Donella-H-Meadows/dp/193149858X

"Hell of a ride ... Peace Brother"

Yes. Peace, Brother.

Do figure out how to have a couple of months worth of survival around, and maybe even a little place in a small town you can get to. I really studied up on Yoakum. It has always been peaceful; never a slave economy, and no rapid drops in population, either. Good soil. Pretty stable weather, but hot and humid summers. This 1905 Lavaca County , Texas soil survey is a wealth of anthropologic information about waves of settlers, all farmers, also.


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