Not a friend of C.J.Hopkins...

Had personal conversations with him and he is a blatant Racist...

He hates Germans because they are Germans, tells people that German Fascism is on the rise yet at the same time he ignores the fact that today's fascists in Germany are all Jewish.

C.J. Hopkins is Jewish he lives in Berlin yet he hates Germans.

He is a bastard if you ask me.

The USA Government accumulated a debt of $31.4 Trillion USD to the Fed which is a privately owned bank yet Janet Yellen and her cohorts spend money as if there is no tomorrow because they profit from their own actions making them all Trillionaires and us slaves.

I actually just wrote about this.

Yellen goes around spending Billions of USD on Ukraine knowing that the Fed makes 900% profit because of the System of Money creation which is Fractional Reserve Banking meaning the Banks need only 10% of the value to have in real assets.

Biggest scam ever.

The Fed should be abolished... Ron Paul says this all the time.

And yes the middle class is systematically been destroyed.

Yet when the AI revolution kicks in... within the next two years at most, we will see a 50% increase of unemployment and the middle class will be wiped out.

Mark my words.


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The nagging question, of course, is on whose purposes?

By construct sir. This form of civilization, or say these mini empires or militarized-to-the-bone nation states, east or west, north or south, are not sustainable. Not stable. Not peaceful. Why most of them are super violent, one way or another. Look at America. Is it not a rabid omncidal empire ?! Who else could drop not one but two atom-bombs on innocent children and civilians. Why Zelensky is a crowdfunded president elect CLOWN, in the game, and there are many such clowns or say pawn martyr. Remember Saddam Huss, Gaddafi, Fernando Marcos etc etc.

However, back to the point or "purpose". It is not one person nor nation. Civilization in this form was in overshoot for a long while, now we are reaching stage Collapse. It is bound to, over the next 5 to 10 decades (ah! we won't be here) as all the hard-science is pointing to. Why do we squabble over which nation will win which war. Which dictator versus which president yada yada! Are we an irrational species (or so it seems at times). Adios!

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To quote an “old” (but wrong adapted) Buddhist platitude; “When the masses are ready, the despot will appear”. Nowhere Buddha talks about the masses, except for mosquitos which annoyed him a whole lifetime, recorded by his private doctor, Buddha suffered many diseases for more than 40 years because of his disciplinary search, in fact masochism for liberation. That is a misquoting of when the disciple, pupil is ready the master appears. In a more evolved stage when the disciple is ready, the master is no longer needed in fact he can distort the whole progress. You can be a disciple forever, all if not a majority of masters especially in zen those who became masters said to their masters, with the deepest respect for their realization go and screw yourself, it is recorded even worse if there is a hell I’m prepared to go there and abide in it an eternity rather than following you and hoping that there’s no getting out ever. Respect? We as westerners cannot comprehend but in that cultural background it was the ultimate.

War on reality? How d’you manage that? War can only be on non reality, the dungeons, catacombs of the mind.

Your solar farm is more like take a walk on the wild side, we call it here la brousse impenetrable.

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