Let's be clear about a 'US base in Syria':

1. Syria represents zero military threat to the USA, absolute zero.

2. The current Syrian leadership rejects the right of the USA to interfere in the lives of those living in the Middle East.

3. The current Syrian leadership has the support of the majority of Syrians.

4. The USA is already financially incapable of supporting its current military outposts, let alone invest in new ones.

So basically, the USA is in the stage of denial that its dream of a 1000 year 'Reich' is over and won't be returning this century.

All it is doing by building more military bases is creating more enemies amongst the global populace and further bankrupting US taxpayers, all of whom should withdraw their consent to fund an organised crime syndicate purporting to 'govern the USA'.

If 100 million US citizens all refused to file a tax return in Q1 2024, the US fiscal system would collapse immediately.

I suggest that true US citizens war game such a scenario to determine whether it could be an effective way of ridding their nation of hundreds of thousands of rogues, the vast majority of whom cannot be ousted via the ballot box.

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Dear Friend and this is to all and everyone... please you must share this everywhere... every platform.

Yesterday I red an Article about the new Generation of ARM computer chips.

This tackled my Interest.

What I uncovered is the most sinister and disturbing plan that puts the NAZIS to shame.

They call these Chips Immortalis a direct connection to the Occult and their Plans for Global Genocide.

If I am right, and I usually are, then we are being gaslighted into slavery or extinction without anyone knowing.

Every Computer Manufacturer has now implemented AI on Chip Level.

What does that mean?

It simply means that every device works as an extension of AI.

That means that every device everywhere with this new Generation of Computer Chips will be able to communicate without any Software installed.

Let this sink in.

If your device is switched on or not it doesn't matter anymore.

Every IOT device acts then like a spy / workstation to the mainframe AI

It will transmit all Data Location Facial Recognition Speech Speech recognitioe, everything to the Mainframe AI supercomputer.

I write a full article on this soon to follow up with more details.

This is the most important and the most disturbing News you will ever read.

Please share wide and far.

The new ARM chips support FP16 which is AI framework. This follows the same AI Framework Nvidia Intel AMD and all of the others. Add to this the fact that Israel and NVIDIA are building an AI supercomputer and you get this. EVERY COMPUTER CHIP YOU BUY HAS ALREADY AI IMPLEMENTED ON CHIP LEVEL BEFORE THE OPERATING SYSTEM. Understand this: With these kind of Computer Chips they are building now every Computer and IOT Device will connect without any software to AI. In fact AI will grow exponentially and will be everywhere.

With every Computer Chip in Every Device.

And as the Computing Power of AI grows exponentially so do the capabilities of AI.

And all the Chip Makers are in on this.

They know exactly what they are doing. Which means they all work together against all of us. Which means AI has total control over every device.

On Chip Level.

Without any software. Let this sink in. The evidence is conclusive. EVERY DEVICE WILL BE CONNECTED TO AI.

And every human will be reduced as Input for AI.

Every IOT device will be a part of this AI. On Chip Level.

Without the need of software. There will be no escape from this unless we stop this now.


Because if we don't it will be Curtains for Humanity. This ain't a Joke.

Please get this knowledge out to everyone you know.

Everyone must understand that this is the most dangerous moment in the History of Humanity.

If we don't stop this we will be dead.

All of us.


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Believe is a cancer...the Cure is ZEN

ZEN is Truth.

There is a Chinese Saying... "Thoughts are like little Monkeys... they are pestering you all the time... Don't engage... Let Go"

Fritz Freud has a Mantra... "The only thing I believe in is myself"

The Christians are the worst offenders... they always come to me and tell me... "Jesus is my savior."

I reply... "Jesus is dead." they get mad.

Madness is created by believing the impossible without acknowledging the failure of your thinking.

Cure yourself, stop believing.

ZEN works in a simple way.

Step one... let go of all negativity.

Step two... don't take on any burden, don't engage in negativity, don't kill, don't lie, don,t steal.

Not for you, not for others.

Step three... Reflect, Meditate, and project.

Reflect your actions

Mediate what how and why you did what you do

Project what you want to do and do it in your mind first.

Visualize what you ought to do and think about the outcome of the actions you want to engage with before you do it.

So you ensure you don't take on any Negativity and you live with ZEN

Do this and you become a better person every day... this is the simple aim of ZEN.

One Day you become Buddha.... because ZEN is the path.

The Covernment and the Huxters of society always give you impossible tasks because in Truth they want you to fail so they can put you down and punish you.

Don't take on their Impossible tasks... ZEN is the antidote.

Steven Kirsch and Dr. Robert Malone are the worst disinformation Agents of the CIA that there are.

They hold you back by not moving forward.

COVID always was a nothing Burger and the discussion about vaccines is too.

By engaging you into this discussion they hold you back.

At the same time their Friends build an AI warfare infrastructure around us of Galactic Proportions.

They are Government Agents.

Think of them as Loki... the Trixter God.

For this is who they really are.


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If both are in a psyop war and always winning, no losers ever than not only the soldiers but mostly the civilians are passing a grinder, the culture of haché, chopped meat. What a waste of lives and for what and for who?

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Every day is like climbing the Eiger's North Face - ie, an avalanche of data showing how vile Contrick19 + bioweapon vaccines have been, followed immediately by an avalanche of trollbots asking where the evidence is for one's "wild conspiracy theory". It's a concerted global attempt to turn the science of primary senses on its head by swamping the left brain with fear & the right with illogic


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