Good morning. While we Americans are reading the entrails and the Chinese the Tea leaves, we get such epically bed leaders as to work hard not to roll over laughing at the Pomp and circumstance. The emperors are so naked it is stunning, my hope and trust is that the Chinese can see this and be strong enough not to respond. If they are paying attention they will watch as we the people put these leaders in their place. These leaders like leaders everywhere are leaders from the grace of we the people. Revoke our support from being willing to be enablers for this scum.

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OT but I love the kitchen table! We had that same yellow pattern formica counter top in the kitchen I grew up in.

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I respectfully offer some historical context to the current Taiwan-China-U.S. situation.

• 1912: The Republic of China - fueled by western-educated revolutionary Sun Yat-Sen, 15 provinces declared their independence from the Qing Dynasty. Sun took control in 1912, announcing the republic.

• 1921: The Communist Party of China officially formed.

• 1931: Civil War - Fighting between the Red Army and the Nationalist Party escalates into an 18-year-long conflict.

• 1949: People’s Republic of China - After a violent end stage to the civil war, the Communist Party declared the People’s Republic of China. Two months later, two million soldiers followed Chiang Kai-shek into exile to Taiwan where he set up a provisional government claiming to be the legitimate ruling body of China. Communist party chairman Mao Zedong became China’s new leader.

• 1975: Chiang Kai-shek dies - After 26 years steering Taiwan to legitimacy and attempting to take back mainland China, Chiang succumbs to a heart attack.

• 2010: Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement - China and Taiwan begin officially speaking to each other for the first time, but following the 2016 election of Tsai Ing-wen as Taiwanese president, China rescinds these new ties. https://www.history.com/topics/china/china-timeline

My take on all this is that China has as much right to claim to be the legitimate ruling body of Taiwan, as Taiwan has of claiming to the the legitimate ruling body of China. As time has passed they have effectively become separate sovereign nations, each with their own autonomous rule. China only wants Taiwan because of its highly productive economy, as well as its tactical geo-political position in southeast Asia. China's claims for ownership of Taiwan based on historical precedent is just an example of mendacious propaganda.

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Excellent analysis. My Xoomer parents follow a lot of pseudo-MSM content and one of the louder voices has been saying that "Hillary is going to come back" for a long time. I don't buy that, but Pelosi swooping in? I can see it. Almighty help us all.

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"Nancy P. is plausible as an actual POTUS, not a string puppet."

Beg to differ. She's too old (no support from young people who tend to vote democrat), and too corrupt (which also pisses off any of the older folk who are not benefiting from her corruption). And as for not being a string puppet? She is clearly for sale, quite possibly also already bought and paid for. She would flame out worse than Hillary Clinton.

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What was once filed under crazy conspiracy, is now being accepted inChina and Russia. The President of the United States has zero power in foreign diplomacy. The US State Department takes its marching orders directly from the Council on Foreign Relations (Davos globalists) - unelected foreign crime families. Democracy will need to evolve into hyper-protective and violence-dispensing regionalism. Several issues to address: blackmail, compromise, kidnapping and assassination of representatives children. Maintaining sovereign democracy in the face of international crime families and technocracy - What tools do sovereign states have? What tools do they need?

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Hmm. On geopolitics, I follow people who tend to check w the local population rather than speculate from outside. What they say is far more of the Taiwanese are aligned w China than we want to admit, & it's mainly old Nationalists who want absolute independence. It's more nuanced than US-based observers tend to present. And I follow astrologers (of all things!) on speculation about the next world war. We are already in a low intensity war, but timing to heat up is not projected as this fall - and even the "best laid plans" have a way in these times of coming unraveled, because of unpredictable local crashes of a variety of sources. The neocons absolutely want another big war, but sunset for the neocons rapidly approaches. I'm casting my lot w the "decentralized is the future" crowd.

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Maybe you haven't been paying attention. Nancy Pelosi is every bit as senile and corrupt as Joe Biden. Of course, she doesn't seem to have a thing for sniffing little girls so I supposed that could be seen as an improvement, but...

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