China sent tanks into the street to shore up their extraction system. I am quite convinced the elites of the West have leverage and are using this to created a global totalitarian order. The warfare is needed - like vaccines- to pull it off. China is with Brick and Road trying Neo Colonialism and since the inception of the USSR the extraction of Russian resources has been ongoing. If the USSR did only shape shift -the last formal Marxist nation is joined at the hip with Russia. Dugin days the two nations stand back to back and defectors say the ultimate strategy of Clenched Fist is in play. Russia until deciding to put Ukraine in play was all in with the WEF and still all in on vaccines with Pfizer. Partnership. Naomi Wolf noted Pfizer is really not German but Chinese.

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John, thanks so much for the Hudson breakdown. It was the best reading this week for a fellow deep-diver. The DIY action is ripper (oz for "totally fantastic").

You look well and healthy in that photo and good on you.

Best of health to you and yours

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There’s something too this. The WEF quotes five Bob Dylan songs on their website to signify themselves as terminally cool then advertise some of the worst essays on creativity I’ve yet to see. Check it out:


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It's a pretty safe corporate bet to hail Bob Dylan...

Not toooo creative of them.

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