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Aug 15, 2022Liked by John Day MD

I will question the intentionality of the mounting death wave caused by globalist policies. I'll use this spectrum to give a sense of why I feel this way:

a) a psycho/socio-path says "I don't care who gets hurt"

b) a toxic narcissist says "I hope nobody gets hurt"(but follows their crazy stupid self-serving scheme anyway)

The latter need to blow smoke up their ass to believe they're the Good Guys. Narcissists need self-sustaining beliefs. I believe we're dealing here more with weak weaselly narcissists than strong ruthless socio/psycho-paths.

Oh, I agree that deliberate culling is desirable to many of them, or at least acceptable, but also note that culling will happen, period, (as we both know), and the concept of large-population death is implicit in concepts like global warming, their pet problem.. So yes, it's logical to assume that many of them expect culling to happen, either naturally or politically guided, and believe that they must assist the process, guide it in some at least superficially humane fashion.

But never underestimate, I say, the evil power of weak-willed people with a sense of privileged entitlement wed to duty (the aristocratic mindset). Just as the average bloke doesn't want to hear or believe that covid vakzinations are at best useless and at worst quite lethal, I suspect that many of the global elitists don't want to hear or believe that their grand schemes are not only functionally very evil but also bound to fail to preserve anyone's good fortunes or protect anyone from harm including themselves.

Why are these people so crazy? Putting aside the congenital psychopaths, they're that way because they got seriously fucked up (like Trump, for example) as a child, and are inherently weak and lost in their core.

Something like the myriad toxic narcissists who struggle to achieve or are given power being the low-grade but omni-present infection that weakens things enough for pathogens, that the body would normally fight successfully, to grow strong and make a body mortally ill.

Modern society has a pathetic political immune system and the patient is starting to turn critical.

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I hate to say it John but I like it more when you are not doctoring. Great synthesis, great detective work. I hope you got to see the video on TAE re my old vegetable garden business in Melbourne - you would approve.

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