What is needed is a clandestine spy in the room all the time with the global collectivist psychopath elites. Every single global crisis now has been mapped out decades earlier. It’s always too late for the rest of us by the time their Machiavellian schemes manifest in the present. These demons have been

on this planet long before the first human soul appeared. They’ve had an eternity to plot and scheme our demise.

Just remember, they were cast out of Heaven before landing here. That means THEY ALREADY LOST. The God drops us in behind enemy lines, perhaps just to remind them they are lost for eternity.

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They fooled a lot of people with "Covid," so they think they can just lie, lie, lie, and we'll all just believe it, always and forever, regardless of how absurd it gets. It'll be fun to see their reactions when the circus winds down...

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