Agreed from beginning it was a bioweapon along with its jab bioweapon. Now, one must reconsider how many previous bioweapons and their corresponding bioweapon shots were previously used by the genocidal psychopaths on society. My bet is most are. Fabricate a problem, fabricate the reaction, and fabricate the solution. This Godless world is Hell on Earth.

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Absolutely a bio weapon

We had it.

Not a virus

We in mass formation 😀 must start culling it what it is.

Not the Covid name.

Bio weapon.

Yes. Who was the taster on the human burger? How do they know?

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Quite an article! I felt this was a Bioweapon since 2020. I learned a great deal from your other topics in here. So well written!

I don’t care how many studies come out or how many explanations the government gives.

I trust my God-given gut instinct as a highly intuitive woman. It has served me well. 

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I confess I never trusted Hannah Arendt's Totalitarianism book - to my historical understanding too obviously skewed to an agenda....even your quote is mystifying rather than edifying. It is clear from eastern Europe 1930-1957 that fear wears off into various forms of resistance and accomodation in combination.That's a long conversation so I'm just registering some dissent. IMHO not a useful guide!

Here in Greece where supermarket items are pretty basic, frozen fake meat has been in the freezers for a good 2 years. We just assume its Soros! Given the various poisons sold as normal in prepared food items I'd especially warn against ANYONE eating it. If they blithely poison water and food "products", launch bioweapon plagues / pharma, the consumers of frozen fake meat would seem a primary low hanging fruit audience :-)

As for "Human fake meat" this has NOT arrived here : I can only see the Orthodox church going ballistic.

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Thanks for the article. Compelling!

Schwab's narrative allows for "isolated pockets of self-sustaining community" that choose to opt-out of the Great Reset.

Re-localization with coops, co-housing, land trusts and protective associations, adaptive reuse, recycling and parts salvage operations, old world skills training, regenerative ag, labor credit or paper currency, open air markets to work around new restrictions, food security and mutual aid networks can be formed now as the reality sets in for fence-sitters. Build it and they will come. Learn to recognize the inconsequential and ignore it. Be strong, show mercy. Best wishes!

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The point of Iceni/Spartacus' column to me was the arcane bit of knowledge he gives about Peter Daszak's origins. Didn't know his father was in OUN. Much of the rest I knew (having followed everyone from El Gato to David Martin to Ethical Skeptic to Bobby Malhotra over the past 2 1/2 yrs. Sorry to hear you were fired. I just assumed you were retired. My husband George was fired from radiology locum tenens jobs multiple times because he refused to cut corners & "play the game." At one time, he had an historic home w a big veg garden, but that hospital went bankrupt, causing him to lose solo practice & his home. Only good thing abt that was after he'd lost everything (and like you, he'd kept license & rejoined the ACR for jobs when he could), we met. I think he was one of the best doctors I ever knew (and I'd worked at UCLA Med Ctr on support staff, had been a patient of a famous NYU Med Ctr internist, and worked for both NYU & UCLA scientists.) Interesting thought, that maybe our sociopaths serve as a check on population - I see them as cautionary tales. Best wishes - somehow I hope you're reinstated - if you want to be. Yeah, human meat - sick. I saw a reference to it on my great-nephew & niece's card game just today 🤔 - a game called Taco v. Burrito, with a reference to "human burger."???

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