“Everything we do for show goes up in flames”?

Jason Isbell

The giant suicidal Ponzi scheme complete with multi-ring circus? May we live in interesting times - right?

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Aug 5, 2022Liked by John Day MD

Good synopsis looking from here JD. I have been collapsing for all of this century so far. A little at a time. Working to improve my garden lot and buying as little as possible at retail. What we have been buying outside of food stuffs are things that we think will be of assistance in our everyday work habits and try for quality over quantity. Things that will wear well. I'm now in the process of building a small blacksmith shop with the intention of building a coal forge inside for future repair work on small tools for gardening and other outdoor work. Finding niche's in your community that aren't presently be serviced or under serviced and setting up to fill them when the need for some old time industry returns. Just one way to ready one's self for the coming times, and it's a fun hobby for me! I'll try to get some pics up for ya! No promises as my computer skills aren't seen as a future imperative, so no rush to upgrade.

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Read an article somewhere yesterday that said China has their own 7nm chip technology. Of course the westerners were saying they stole or copied it illegally. The Chinese essentially put up their middle finger. I think it’s naive to think that the Chinese are not capable of innovation. Look at their education scores. In the long run they don’t need Taiwan. The company I did business with years ago in Taiwan was owned by a Chinese family. Go figure.

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Great update on the big shabang

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Nice work in dot joining JD. It all sounds plausable to me, echoing the thoughts of Adam Curtis from Hypernormalisation.

As regarding the release of the virus earlier than the announced date, I can state with my own experience that I had a viral infection in January 2019 that resembled the modified gain of function beast that we have become accustomed to. I had limited contact with friends and family before becoming infected. Being based in London UK I have no idea which vector it spread from. Needless to say, I was bedridden for a week with a fever, loss of taste (and therefore appetite) and very weak coming out of it. I had a terrible sore throat at the onset.  I didn't reach for the IVM (not having the heads up in those early days) and self-treated symptoms with paracetamol, high dose vitamin C and zinc + lemon and honey tea.

I can confirm the rest of your writeup is plausable (probable even) and here we are.

Thanks for your presence. Stay cool.

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