Re: giving Russia or anyone a "bloody nose": the popular vernacular expression -- that those two words so often are used to convey -- is quite misleading if one has any experiences with bloody noses: a *real* bloody nose stops the fight, right there, right then: one's opponent is blinded, bleeding, in exquisitely debilitating pain... unless the opponent is way cranked on coke or meth or heroin, and even then, another bloody nose ends that 2nd round of adrenalized persistence: it's very hard to breathe and conduct physical violence's when you're turned suddenly into an obligate mouth-breather choking back blood through a blinding wall of tears.

The fight is, imo*, already over; Russia got in the first punch and we're flat on our back seeing stars and calling them victory fireworks; and the narrative war is simply a gambling pool wherein the majority of nations prove themselves to be major suckers and, in the end, Russia proves to be the master angler.

But yes, for now, Russia is officially the new Global Pariah. But not for long.

*"imo" redeemable at qualified outlets for a Get Thrown in Jail for Free voucher.

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Yes, it's a German using an English figure of speech, in the way that Americans do. He has, perhaps lived his life without giving or receiving a bloody nose... Both sides (US/Russia) of this Ukrainian-proxy-civil-war have had a long time to develop contingency plans, so I think we will see a lot of contingency plans activated.

I think another round of contingency plans, mainly against us, will be activated as we fall into the collapse of western finance. I speculate that, but it's what eventually happens to a corrupted and unstable financial system...

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Rebellious dissident

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