As it relates to the spraying chemicals and particulates into the sky to block the sun, aka Solar Radiation Management, I suspect that this has been going on for several years now. It is my understanding that global warming is considered a threat to national security by the military industrial complex, and that threats to national security can be dealt with in a fashion that does not require disclosure to the public or transparency. It seems that there is a push to declare war on climate change, and that Solar Radiation Management and Stratospheric Aerosol Injection are the weapons that the defense contractors have created to fight this war.

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Gramma came to Canada on a boat in 1914, fleeing WW1. Here we go again, maybe I will end up returning to Europe in a similar fashion and for a similar reason?

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Two things...

You write about Christine from Naked Capitalism...

Maybe you can sent her my story... here is the link


When the richest man on earth Elon Musk needs to steal from Fritz Freud ... what does it tell you?

Also... when the "Elites" want to destroy this planet rather than give up their power... what does it tell you about them?

We must consider what I write all along!

These so called Elites are not Human and should be removed from Human Society by and and every and all means necessary

They are basically an Alien Death Cult...

They are the enemy within.

By their actions you shall recognize them... they cannot be and are not human.



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A few obvious questions emerge:

1. Who decides who the senior operatives within DOD are?

2. Who decides what DOD policies are, especially the ones that are not subject to Congressional Oversight?

3. Why do those senior DOD officials still have human rights?

4. Why should Board Members of GMO-producing seed companies have human rights?

5. Should any member of the military, who obeys orders to spray aluminium particulates into the sky, have the right to an attorney?

6. Should any pilot that works to save billionaires as they murder billions retain human rights under any humane constitution?

7. Should any national/regional official, anywhere on earth, that ordered vaccine mandates, have the right to eat?

8. Should every US base outside the USA be targeted for carpet bombing to wipe out all US military presence overseas? Ditto every single aircraft carrier, destroyer or other military ship found in international waters? Ditto every single submarine anywhere outside US waters?

9. Should every US corporation compliant with the great genocidal policies be refused the right to exist outside of the USA?

10. Should legal rights of US corporations be drastically curtailed to effect the end of hegemonic power grabs by unfeeling, inhuman entities solely obsessed about impoverishing the majority??

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You got that right, Mom was always worried about my whereabouts. Back then at age 17, if I knew what I now know, that would be a different ball of wax for sure. But life is a lesson in and of itself and only experience can teach us to grow, peace my friend.

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I've been following Dane and geoengineeringwatch.org for more than ten years now, but not only the weather is being manipulated drastically, you have the high probability of them also bioengineering also with all sorts of lab-tweaked, disease causing bio/synthetic organisms raining down on the populations...hey the "ENMOD TREATY" these clowns signed on to say's they can so long it's on your own population. See this for a deeper dive into the bioengineering side of this: https://carnicominstitute.org/. I have followed Clifford's work also for a number of years as his research helped me to connect the dots on what was ailing me after my tour of duty with the USMC from 77-81, when a strange skin condition appeared mid 80's on my hands and seem to not want to heal or be slow to heal, sometimes. This crap migrates from one area to the other and constant detox protocols is what keeps this in check as far as I can tell. I do not go to "Doctors" nor do I vax and the last shots were in the military over 40 years ago. This is some serious stuff that is presenting itself to be a massive disaster, globally!! The Medical Doctors and RN's ( read Military Doctors ) are conscripted as uniformed officers under Title 37 ( commercial contract ) without their knowledge or consent, as witnessed by the C19 scam that unfolded before the whole world's eyes and millions of shots were given to an unwitting public at large that trusts far to much in the CMC ( criminal medical cartel ). This has been a DOD project from it's inception along with the corrupt big pharma corporations, BTW, DOD is also a corporation with a host of big player agencies as their franchises under their administration as far as corporate structure goes. This is my 2¢'s worth...good write up Dr. John :)

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"Fascist Trumpian party"??? TDS sufferer.

Only people causing irreparable damage to the planet are the Globalists, Elite Cabalists or whatever name they are calling themselves now. And after all they've done to us they SHOULD BE VERY AFRAID.

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and the farmer kept on ploughing

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I believe a simple reason the populace is not rising up in rage is that the YOUTH are not interested or are manipulated into useless rage groups like Anti-Fa, BLM, Extinction Rebellion etc. France was different in WW2 with up to 3% of the population in the Resistance. The experience of the Occupation was hard to be accepted by the French. Many Parisians could not get over the shock experienced when they first saw the huge swastika flags hanging over the Hôtel de Ville and on top of the Eiffel Tower. At the Palais-Bourbon, where the National Assembly building was converted into the office of the Kommandant von Gross-Paris, a huge banner was spread across the facade of the building reading in capital letters: "DEUTSCHLAND SIEGT AN ALLEN FRONTEN!" ("Germany is victorious on all fronts!"), a sign that is mentioned by virtually all accounts by Parisians at the time.[36] The résistant Henri Frenay wrote about seeing the tricolour flag disappear from Paris with the swastika flag flying in its place and German soldiers standing guard in front of buildings that once housed the institutions of the republic gave him "un sentiment de viol" -"a feeling of rape"

Rather remarkable with all the excess deaths and vaccine injuries Americans and Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders and Brits are awaiting the Nazi Occupation to have "un sentiment de viol."

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You hit a home run here with the bases loaded. Great post that explains a great deal about this fuckery we are all experiencing. So many lessons in history.

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