Great my friend like always.

I feel we are two sides of one coin...

There is this Article I read...

Israeli tank gunner reveals orders to fire indiscriminately into kibbutz...


So the Israelis themselves killed many Israelis... yet they blame everyone else.

They teach us blind obedience to all of their wording without questioning.

Yet everything they do is a lie.

The proof is all around us especially with the Hamas attack on Israel which is a lie... the war in Ukraine which is a lie... Covid which is a lie... and their open plan for World domination by staging a fake pandemic based on a lie.

That means we have to block Politicians and arrest them all.

From Pedo Joe to Richy Sunak to Leyen Merkel Macron Netanyahu Meloni Schwab Musk Gates...

Go to their homes... Citizen arrest them all.

They are all Criminals.

They do not have the right to exist because they are downright evil.


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A very good curation and thank you, Dr John. The military reporting is very gritty and evinces the leadership problems in the Israeli force as well as the misleading interpretation of maps that reflect incursion but not command and control. The effects on the tunnels is well described but it’s unclear how rapid tunnel repair is made. I wonder about water and supplies. The juxtaposition of the “prisoner-of-gratitude” Jewish mother’s poignant thanking the friendly captors is astonishing next to the West Bank settlers destruction of life sustaining trees. What’s the point apart from pure ugliness of soul to destroy the trees? Trees are non partisan and holy. I wish Dr Nass well and know her heart is pure. I hope that these engagements with the “legal system” are not too misleading for people however. As far as many are concerned, the legitimacy of the elite’s international play NWO game system attempting to usurp national sovereignty in any degree whatsoever is null and void. The first thing they do in brainwashing is try to control language. Special language promulgated by special people to arrange special complexity and promote special confusion and special benefits for some in perpetuity. Nah. Not so much.

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It is being done presently and since 2019 when the State Assemblies were summoned into session. BTW, the three (3) branches of the Federal government are the American (Federal Republic),the British (Territorial Democracy) and the Municipal government (Papist/ Plenary Oligarchy). These are the three Federal branches, service companies that received the 19 enumerated powers with the American subcontractor having the biggest share of these powers granted to it.

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Right now, 'what it is to be Jewish' can be defined by one simple question: 'Do you believe yourself to be superior to goyim or not?'

That is the question which separates Jewish racists from Jews who can be respected.

The racist supremacist Zionists can be viewed by the rest of the world (>99% of the global population) with absolute contempt and disgust, because they are everything repulsive that you would encapsulate in nigger-hating KKK racists; far right English yobs in the 1970s beating up 'paki scum'; European colonialists behaving toward Africans exactly the way that racist Israelis behave toward Palestinians now; etc etc.

Peaceful Jews happy to live in partnership with those of other faiths and none have almost nothing in common with the racist Zionists save an apparently common bloodline and historical culture. They have rejected the bloodbath culture of the Old Testament and focus rather on the higher spiritual goals of Judaism, goals ultimately identical in meaning, if not in form, to almost all other religions on earth.

Zionists right now are like adolescent yobs and gangland thugs, armed to the teeth and fighting 'turf wars'. They remind me indelibly of organised mafias, except they ARE the Establishment, they are not the underground. They use violence to appropriate land and property, entirely akin to mafia yobs smashing windows and demanding menaces money. They kill those that resist. Their false code of honour is entirely linked to the racist construct 'We are God's Chosen People' and all the disgusting mantras that Jews can treat Goyim like scum. They control lawyers, they control the media, they control foreign powers, and they do so entirely because they are a Jewish mafia.

The time has come for the 99% to state, implacably and irrevocably: 'You are NOT superior to us. We do NOT defer to you. We do NOT answer to you. We will NOT support your violence, your wars, your conquests, your mafias.'

There is absolutely no way that the Zionists can win, it's a simple matter of population. If they are mad enough to try nukes, well, they will run out of Jewish bodies long before the world runs out of Goyim.

The final solution for Zionists will only come if they try and impose their own Zionist Reich on the world. The world is happy for them to live as a tiny minority sect, what they will not tolerate is a bunch of trumped up racist scum proclaiming that they rule the world and they will kill anyone that dissents.

They are a small, violent minority, entirely akin to the IRA in Northern Ireland. Like the IRA, they have been supported by unpatriotic Americans, Americans with ties to the 'home country'.

They are irrelevant to world affairs. Irrelevant.

And the sooner the world puts them on notice of that, the better.

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