The US has been drunk on power for so long they’re in terminal territory. Question is how much of the remaining world can be saved. Saving the wreckage of the US and most current nations would require flat out geniuses and require starting over with an entirely new order. The evil is so pervasive, so permeating everything, so synergistic with the WEF Corporatocracy that this has become a true battle of good and evil. There’s a betrayal right at the heart of it.

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A truly brilliant round up John, thank you! I've shared & shared.

This is the important takeaway re Borderland (english translation of 'Ukraine'):

" as much as the Russian methodically grind down the – disaggregated – Ukrainian Army in Donbass, a new NATO army is being trained and weaponized in western Ukraine.​.."

I really wonder about the need for vaccines at all. That said, our family gets the tetanus jab every 10 yrs because we work with animals & sharp equipment. I refused the childhood jabs for my son (I'm in Greece, doctor a friend), requested small pox and was told there was none.

Waiting to see if the newly engineered MP Plandemic - hello Mr. Globaloney, we know what's going on, we SEE you - has also been "improved".

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Thanks for the world news summary you provided. The homestead is looking good. Hope you and the family are well.

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Thanks for ALL the info, links, etc! 🙌

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