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Thank you for keeping up following the core issues! The "it is all planned years before and proceeding according to plan" versus it is an ongoing chaos-machine - two perspectives on the obvious unraveling of what used to be our civilization. To me, it looks like some people have a constitutional aversion to facing the chaotic side of nature. When a fox walks out from his/her den (without a cup of coffee, gasp...), choosing which way to go will determine if today is a hungry day or a feast day. The direction of where food can be found is not known beforehand. Still foxes exist. How would that sit with current humans? It is a thought that I try to think every now and then, just to check into how I feel about it. Not wanting to admit to the full horror of existence, the chaotic mess of it all, looks like a middle-class worldview. It also looks like an addiction that has required a lot of non-western sacrifice to keep being fixed. Like my morning coffee. And yet, the arrangements could be such that even the soil and the producer are getting fair treatment. Sadly, the "fair trade" brands (that I use) are not quite the solution. I mean, whoever gave the permission to non-fair trade in the first place? The old structures, can they be repaired? Or be torn down and replaced with something else? Strange times and just getting more strange.

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I guess you do realize this is all PLANNED... Climate change is fake, food shortages are pre-arranged, scarcity is fake, economies stupidly and selfishly set up for the Parasites to squander, then leave us holding the bag(s), deliberate sabotage of poorer countries, and quite clearly, the destruction of America has been on the agenda for decades... This Evil is planned Evil. Complexity notwithstanding. I guess you get this, but I just had to say it. xo

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Concerning Ideology vs Ponerology, IMHO ideology is something to occupy the plebs - by force usually since most people over the age of 28 do not volunteer to learn nonsense.. The Bolsheviks were not ideologues but well paid thugs whose job was to destroy Russia so as to grab its wealth, using the unlimited violence advocated by Lenin. The aristocratic traitors who thought they could control the Bolsheviks they were using to achieve their own ends - ie they, the elites would get Russia's power & wealth - were destroyed by them. Ergo, Nn war has ever been fought over "ideology", only power, territory & treaure.

So I prefer the ponerloogist's view, and IMHO what we are looking at is the birth of a new paradigm and the death of the old. For most of the world this is an overwhelming relief, generating tremendous hope. What is extraordinary about the present has been the sheer unbounded criminality of the anglo-american-zionist complex in which even those trapped in its system (us, whether American, Greek, Japanese, Korean etc) long for its end, long for justice, truth, decency.

All societies are different but when the Complex attacked Greece with every tool in its arsenal, along with the prediction that desparate Greeks would descend into dog-eat-dog, what actually happened was solidarity. Overnight society changed for the better, neighbours helping each other, strangers feeding & clothing strangers and this has continued up to the present, 12 years later. It was the same in Italy, in Spain....So my message is Take Heart! And take the long view. no ideologies are at work here, just a mafia against the world - which includes its own populations. For the same old reasons...treasure and power. We need to expose & go after the head of this snake & we'll have the whole world with us, helping.

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From the view of the minds behind the changes they are the river carving the new river bed to Solar System wealth. I am thinking of a time in history reported by Procopius. Wherefore to me, and many others of us, these two seemed not to be human beings, but veritable demons, and what the poets call vampires: who laid their heads together to see how they could most easily and quickly destroy the race

p. 131

and deeds of men; and assuming human bodies, became man-demons, and so convulsed the world. And one could find evidence of this in many things, but especially in the superhuman power with which they worked their will.

For when one examines closely, there is a clear difference between what is human and what is supernatural. There have been many enough men, during the whole course of history, who by chance or by nature have inspired great fear, ruining cities or countries or whatever else fell into their power; but to destroy all men and bring calamity on the whole inhabited earth remained for these two to accomplish, whom Fate aided in their schemes of corrupting all mankind. For by earthquakes, pestilences, and floods of river waters at this time came further ruin, as I shall presently show. Thus not by human, but by some other kind of power they accomplished their dreadful designs.

p. 132

And they say his mother said to some of her intimates once that not of Sabbatius her husband, nor of any man was Justinian a son. For when she was about to conceive, there visited a demon, invisible but giving evidence of his presence perceptibly where man consorts with woman, after which he vanished utterly as in a dream.

And some of those who have been with Justinian at the palace late at night, men who were pure of spirit, have thought they saw a strange demoniac form taking his place. One man said that the Emperor suddenly rose from his throne and walked about, and indeed he was never wont to remain sitting for long, and immediately Justinian's head vanished, while the rest of his body seemed to ebb and flow; whereat the beholder stood aghast and fearful, wondering if his eyes were deceiving him. But presently he perceived the vanished head filling out and joining the body again as strangely as it had left it.

p. 133

Another said he stood beside the Emperor as he sat, and of a sudden the face changed into a shapeless mass of flesh, with neither eyebrows nor eyes in their proper places, nor any other distinguishing feature; and after a time the natural appearance of his countenance returned. I write these instances not as one who saw them myself, but heard them from men who were positive they had seen these strange occurrences at the time.

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Apologies, I am being overly mouthy today. View from the southeast Mediterranean:

Kinetic war / military operations are about changing facts on the ground and it is clear that Ukraine has already lost the historical Russian territories so briefly ceded to them and on which they / NATO neocons waged 8 years of war. To clarify, the neocons running Ukraine through the US Embassy waged relentless kinetic war on what it claims are its own citizens. "Ukraine" [since 2014 a pure satrapy] will probably next lose Odessa - the final big front - and collapse back to the landlocked border territory it was historically.

The stupidity of the neocons is overwhelming and as usual built on an edifice of lies, since apart from Galicia, make no mistake : all 'Ukrainians' ARE in fact Russian.

With Egypt, Turkey, Afghanistan, India, Iran and KSA formally applying to join BRICS, and the majority of world countries already in OBOR, including EU-European countries, [nor should we forget the countries inside the Eurasian Economic Union], the United States' greatest existing economic weapon of domination and fear - SANCTIONS - is in clear danger now of passing into irrelevancy by being (inevitably, down the road) bypassed.

Since neocons only know how to Double Down and the window of opportunity is narrowing, this will mean even more weapons and back-up to Ukraine in the immediate term, a further importation of proxies....perhaps until they can sufficiently eliminate the evidence of criminality: biolabs, organ harvesting, child trafficking, drug and arms traficking? A sudden attack in the Indian Ocean / China sea?

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