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Greetings Dr. Day!

I very occasionally comment at TAE as Farmer McGregor (my name is Greg). A couple weeks ago (seems like many weeks ago because we've had a spell of hellacious cold snowy weather that has made life quite a challenge -- you should have been feeling the effects of the same arctic air mass in recent days) I made a comment addressed to you about discussing homesteading topics to which you replied with an invitation to connect with you on your blog. Well, now you have a NEW blog site, and I have signed up with the email "farmerfreak" etc.! Welcome to Me!

I have tried to keep up with your blog in recent years, but have so little free time that it's quite difficult for me to stay on top of your voluminous postings. I also keep an eye on TAE since it is such a terrific news source, also the Archdruid when he's not talking magic (he's our age you know, late 1950's origins), and I just love J.H.Kunstler for numerous reasons. How you manage to produce your blog and get anything else done just baffles me. Same with the many really great homesteaders with their blogs and YouTube vids -- how on earth do they do all the things they do AND post it all on the 'net? I don't even have time to READ this stuff, let alone generate my own content. Sheesh!

As time permits, I will reveal more of myself and my situation. I am situated on a few acres of land in northern Colorado, on the eastern edge of the Rockies (foothills are visible out the windows to the west, within walking distance). Brittle climate, short growing season, high desert prairie basically. If I didn't have access to irrigation water, it would be impossible to make a go of anything agricultural here. But I have really terrific water rights, which is a very interesting story of its own.

For my entire adult life I have had a driving need to move away from dependence on corporate and government providers for my survival necessities; to extract myself from the matrix, you might say. During the last couple decades I have finally really moved forward in that direction and have done a great deal of studying, thinking, and setting about to practice what that requires. I immediately fell in love with Greer's recommendation to "Collapse now and avoid the rush" when I first read it since it so thoroughly resonated with my heart's desire. But this is a daunting undertaking to say the least.

Before I go any further I have a couple of questions:

1. Would in-depth correspondence be more appropriately carried out via email (you have my address)? Or perhaps keep it on the blog comments section for the benefit of any others that might be interested and informed by it?

2. As a practicing Buddhist, are you vegetarian?

In observing you the last few years, I have come to admire you for many reasons. You're quite a guy, Dr. Day. I wish you were my neighbor (or that I was yours!). I look forward to your reply. Be patient if I seem to disappear at times, my life is very demanding; taking time to write as I have done tonight is a luxury I can't often indulge.



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This looks really good. Thank you for making the process of subscribing to your substack blog effortless (on my part, anyway...). It's unfortunate that you and Jenny are having to go through this. Censorship, either by AI or any other way seems par for the course at this time. Great garden picture at the top!

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Looking very professional Dr. J. This Ukraine thing is really starting to look a lot like the blame game to cover the mismanagement by the banking class in the west. The covid didn't pass mustard so lets try something else. It did provide a good look into TPTB and their folly. All that is left for us, (cannon fodder) is to save our own skins and those of the ones around us. Somehow!

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