It's astonishing to me, and also not at all, that so many of us who think we are "critical thinkers" still turn to "authorities" who tell us all kinds of things. Things like, we need to reduce CO2, there's a climate crisis, there's a supply chain problem, there's not enough oil, everything is becoming scarce, there are too many people, people can't really handle democracy, and so on and so forth forever. It's hard, really hard, these days to get truth out of the media or even out of books, because there are so many complicit people willing to try and be on the bandwagon, probably in hopes they'll be spared all the nastiness the Global Cabal has in mind for most of us. They're wrong, of course. They won't be spared. There's only just a few thousand people, maybe, that have agreed that THEY will be the ones to survive and dominate the hybridized robot/slave/humans left.

But-- all that said, this insane plan will fail. It WILL fail. It cannot work. And so, just as we do with the actual globalists, we do with their tools: Don't waste our time trying to STOP them, simply WORK AROUND THEM, ignore them, don't comply whenever possible (when it's POSSIBLE, not just easy), and carry on as if they were not here, building our communities up in a new and GOOD way, getting together for celebrating, fun, and doing what humans do, like music, art, theater, all the good things, in REAL LIFE, not on Zoom. Sing, dance, show the children how it's done, because maybe they can't remember!! Okay, enough outta me. Love you, brother! Your garden is BEAUTIFUL!

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Jun 22, 2022Liked by John Day MD

Love the color commentary. Good stuff.

Question; what’s your plan for protein?

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